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Davis Ranch & Rodeo's Super Freak

June 30, 2017

ABBI# 10042681

Sire: 658 Froggy (White Sports Coat)

Dam: Frick 160 (Frick)

Original Breeder: Jerome and Tiffany Davis

Accomplishments: 2008 American Heritage Champion

Notable Offspring: PBRF 918 Freakster, PBRF 06 Loco Freak, 956 Freaky Eyes, and 862 Freak Out.

Jerome was surfing the internet back in 2007 when he was trying to expand his herd with some better genetics and he came across a yearling bull on an online auction site. This specific yearling had plenty of try, but on the only video, he fell. Brian Canter and Jerome partnered on the spotted calf for $13,000. In 2008 that calf, Super Freak, won over $90k at the American Heritage.

We wanted to breed to Super Freak because he had earned his keep with us, but everyone else thought he was too small. Freak spent most of his time on the road where he was a regular in the Built Ford Tough Series Short Rounds. Jerome and Tiffany decided that on weeks between events, they would turn him in on a few cows as a clean up bull. As we bucked his few calves a year, we quickly learned he needed to be on more and more cows. Freak's calves all have his heart and attitude. Tiffany says, "The more you buck them, the better they get. About 90% of his calves per year work somewhere." Super Freak's daughters are finally coming onto the scene as producers! Cow GW31 is a Freak daughter and the dam to Habanero that Tiffany Davis won the 2017 Women's American Heritage with! Habanero has LTE to date of $9,514.00! Davis Ranch & Rodeo is very excited about the future of Super Freak as a sire!

Super Freak straws for sale

Jerome Davis 336.471.3447

842 Hou's Back

July 4, 2017

Owner: TM Cattle/BS Cattle Company

ABBI# 10082535

Sire: 36 Backlash (Broke Back V)

Dam: Floyd 42 (Houdini)

Original Breeder: Scott Accomazzo

Hou's Back was a standout futurity bull for the Ace of Spade's Ranch finishing in the top 20 at the 2010 ABBI Futurity World Finals. Hou's Back didn't miss a beat and fell right into winning money as a Derby/Classic bull. He pulled out a third place classic finish at the 2012 Spring Fling. Soon after his classic years, Travis Medve purchased Hou's Back from Accomazzo. Not long after that, Brandon Stewart took in all TM Cattle's bucking bulls and 842 was in on the deal. Brandon took Hou's Back to a few Built Ford Tough Series PBR's before Lambert made him a short round bull. 842 Hou's Back ended up making 5 appearances at the PBR World Finals before they decided to retire him. Hou's Back had earned a spot in the family with his unique personality, and not long after retirement, BS Cattle Company bought half interest in the super star athlete from Travis. With Hou's Back being retired from the arena, Brandon must have saw something special in him as a possible sire!

BS Cattle saw some great attributes in Hou's Back as a potential sire to buy in after retirement. Aside from being a competition standout with over $40k in Lifetime Earnings and a 5x PBR Finals bull, he is sired by one of the most sought after sires in the industry, 36 Backlash. His dam, Floyd 42, a producing Houdini daughter, should be the perfect mix for a great sire. Travis Medve only bred to 842 a little as he was on the road a bunch, and Hou's Back's largest set of calves would be yearlings. Being that most of his calves are fairly young, he does have a few standout young bulls including 874-C Hou's Hott that was marked 91 points at the 2017 American Heritage West and LTE so far of over $30k. Another bull that has put Hou's Back on the map as a sire is 226 Hooey being hauled under Jared Allen's Pro Bull Team. Hooey was a classic money winner and now a BFTS regular. We at TM Cattle and BS Cattle look forward to 842's largest set of calves that will two year olds in 2018. Everyone be on the lookout for multiple sons to take the futurity game by storm next year. As we talk about the sire capabilities of Hou's Back producing bulls that buck, his daughters should be something special as well. His oldest daughters are just now two year olds for the most part with their first calves on their sides. We, here at Bucking Stock News will keep everyone updated on the production of his daughters as time goes on!

Thanks to Brandon Stewart for taking the time to talk us about this great up and coming sire, 842 Hou's Back. For anyone interested in adding Hou's Back genetics to their herd, contact Brandon Stewart

523 Coppertox

July 4, 2017

Owner: Hy-Kik Ranch/Kendal McDonald

ABBI# 10009709

Sire: High 217T Gun Blast (Death Valley Skoal)

Dam: High X23 Boo Hoo (Houdini) dam to 404 I'm A Gangster

Original Breeder: Flying High Rodeo Company

Kendal McDonald with Hy-Kik Ranch purchased Coppertox in a package deal in the fall of 2010 starting out his first set of ABBI registered cattle from Flying High Rodeo Company. It wasn't long after his purchase McDonald new he had been blessed with a great bull as the following year Lorne high contacted Kendal and told him that he had bucked a great set of calves and they were Coppertox sons. High had bred to Coppertox 2 years prior to selling him and in his first calf crop in 2009 Copper sired 7 bull calves, 4 of which have pro bull stats. There is also one more that broke his leg giving him his name "Broken Dreams" whom High has said to have been one of the best calves Lorne had raised bucking with the dummy. High healed Broken Dreams to keep him as a herd sire as he also has been south of the border a time or two breeding cows for Clint Vickers and BJ Tolman. McDonald bred copper to 20 cows his very first year of owning him. In that first calf crop Kendal had respective numbers with 10 bull calves being born, three of those bulls grew up to achieve themselves pro bull stats. Spitt N Image and War Paint are two of the three sons out of this first crop that have stats. They are currently being hauled by Northcutt/Macza Pro Rodeo. This was a big step in his program and at the time building from the ground up he stated that he was very happy with his success rates off his very first calf crop. In 2016 Hy-Kik Ranch claimed 1st place at the very first ABBI Canadian Futurity in Lamont Alberta with 449 Chaba, another Coppertox son. At the end of the season, McDonald also claimed 1st place at the ABBI Canadian Futurity Finals with 454 All Business, another Coppertox son. With sons earning more than $16,000 in the first year of ABBI futurities in Canada, it was without a doubt Coppertox was beginning to earn himself a name in Canada as a sire.

As 2017 rolled in with the first futurity, Hy-Kik Ranch claimed 2nd place finish with a calf called Moose, which is out of a Coppertox daughter. So far in 2017, Moose has Lifetime Earnings of over $5,000. High 961 Copper Crown is the dam to High +219 Blue Stone, the bull Jess Lockwood recently rode for 90.5 points and a round win at the Calgary Stampede.

Coppertox has recently passed due to a veterinary accident. The loss was a tragic thing on the Hy Kik Ranch. The 12 year old sire had 6 breeding season on Hy-Kik Ranch and a partial 7th this year as he had a short 20 days before being pulled off pasture to treat an abscess on his foot. "All though he is gone his legacy will live on. McDonald turned out 449 and 454 out on cows in his place. They are two of his favorite sons of his thus far. "Losing Coppertox was like losing your best friend. I'll most likely never find a bull to replace him not only with his productivity but with his personality. With only 100 offspring registered up to date, Coppertox has notably earned his respect as a herd sire north of the border, with not only his sons but his daughters as well.

64 Johnny Rotten

July 19, 2017

Owner: Rafter G Rodeo Company

ABBI# 10006067

Sire: G6 Twighlight Zone (Mexican)

Dam: JG11 (Red Rocker)

Original Breeder: Neal & Jim Gay

Johnny Rotten was born and raised on the Rafter G Ranch in Terrell, Texas. The Gay family have always been known for the heat in their bulls, and Johnny Rotten was no exception being out of a full blood fighting bull. The home raised 1/2 blood fighting bull made three different appearances to Las Vegas for the NFR. Following his last trip to Vegas in 2003, Johnny Rotten put up outstanding numbers in Waco with a 50 point marking! Not very many bulls if hardly ANY have been marked as high as Johnny Rotten.

Jim Gay said he bred to Johnny Rotten not only for his bucking ability, but hoping to get some bulls with some size to use as fighting bulls at his PRCA rodeos. With shooting for mean fighting type bulls, Jim got more bucking bulls out of Johnny Rotten than he did fighting bulls. Johnny Rotten has sired multiple bulls that have followed their father's footsteps in making a trip to Las Vegas for the NFR. Johnny Rocker went to the NFR and was later sold to Bar 3D Bucking Bulls where he became a regular on the BFTS level throwing off guys like JB Muaney, Kody Lostroh, Silvano Alves, and Guileheme Marchi. 710 Johnny Ramone made 2 trips to the Wrangler NFR and being rode for as many as 89 points in his career. With over 50 career outs, they didn't ride Ramone very often. 935 Johnny West is a very honest bull but you cant stub your toe on him or he will buck you off. Johnny West has also made a trip to the Wrangler NFR.

Johnny Rotten was a great bucking bull for the Rafter G string and a great producer as well. Not many bulls have been marked a perfect score before, but Johnny Rotten has done it. He is a very overlooked sire and we are happy to shine the light on Johnny Rotten of Rafter G Rodeo Company!

Sneakin W's -6

August 4, 2017

Owner: Sneakin W

ABBI# 10001885

Sire: J31A Bodacious

Dam: Andrews A77 (Hooter)

Original Breeder: Sammy Andrews

Sneakin "W" -6 may be one of the most productive sires in the business as far as producing bulls that can take the diesel smoke and the rope. His calves get big, and sure seem to last. He is ranked in the top 20 sires according to the ABBI database. What hurts -6 on the numbers is that CJ Coffee didn't register everything, so there is many bulls and daughters out there that no one but CJ knows what they are out of. -6 has 38 sons with ProBullStats, not all of them being registered. Going off of the registered sons, Sneakin W -6 is the only sire to have an average offspring mark of OVER 21. That is very impressive because a lot of his sons are tested day in and day out at the top levels of the PRCA and PBR.

Sneakin W -6 has a long list of sons with a great resume. Now, lets take a look at some of these super star offspring of -6. We talked about the heart and longevity in the -6 calves, well Andrews -21 Red Onion can reassure everyone of that statement. Red Onion had 118 recorded outs on ProBullStats and made appearances at both the NFR and the PBR World Finals. Sneakin W's 95X Cowboy Coffee was a Reserve PRCA Bucking Bull Of the Year. He was marked over 46 on numerous occasions and when they rode him, they were always taken to the pay window. The most well known son of -6 would be multi time NFR bull -27 Fender Bender. Not only was he a bucker, but the -6 blood lives on in his grandsons with Fender Bender being the sire to ABBI Classic Champion,  Backbender and the 2016 PRCA Bucking Bull of the Year, Midnight Bender.

Semen is limited on -6 with him being deceased, but the Sneakin W crew has straws for sale. Make sure to check out their add on the home page of Bucking Stock News and visit their website for more info on their program that is built around this great sire, -6!

655 Cowboy Casanova

August 25, 2017

Owner: Zach Penn & Mesa Pate

ABBI# 10058914

Sire: Y2 Millennium

Dam: Wheeler 855 (Too Legit)

Original Breeder: Nicky Wheeler/Terry Williams

Accomplishments: PBR Short Rounder and 3x PBR Finals

When Mesa Pate first bought into the bull business she bought a two year old and two three year olds from Terry Williams. One of the three olds ended up not being EID tagged so Terry and Clayton told her she could bring him back and trade for something else. When Mesas went back to the Williams ranch, they bucked all their three year old bulls and she got to pick one out. She picked out a three year old calf with the brand of 655. That three year old she traded that day ended up being 3x PBR Finals Bull 655 Cowboy Casanova.

Mesa chose to finally breed to 655 because of the calves he had already sired while Terry had him. Out of his very first calf crop he sired a bull called City Lights who was a Reserve Champion ABBI Futurity bull and a bull called No Hands who was winning lots of money in competition events. Not to mention the few calves he had already sired, but he is out of an outstanding Too Legit daughter. His dam, Wheeler 855 is also the dam to NFR bull 055 Cowboy Cool and PRCA Bucking Bull of the Year Buckeye. There was a good chance the best was yet to come from Cowboy Casanova as a sire. It took off for Cowboy Casanova as a sire from there, being the sire to No Hands, PBRF bull Texicali, Little Big Horn, Fear Alert, City Lights, and A144 Good Vibes. Mesa feels that she has not put him on as good of cows that he needs to be on to full unleash his sire power. With that being said, HD Page of D&H Cattle bred to Cowboy Casanova last year and Mesa is really looking forward to seeing what his calves will be like out of the caliber of cows the Page's have. She said, "I honestly think his daughters will be better than his sons, but only time will tell."

Thank you Mesa for taking time to share your story with us on such a great bucking bull and sire!

-3 Bo's Excuse

September 11, 2017

Owner: Jim Anderson

ABBI# 10012186

Sire: J31A Bodacious

Dam: AR CJC 2 (Coffey)

Original Breeder: Jim Anderson

Accomplishments: Multi time NFR and PBR Finals

-3 Bo's Excuse is the definition of a bucking bull. He was tested by some of the best hands in the bucking bull business and with 73 attempts recorded on Pro Bull Stats, he only allowed 1 qualified ride. Making 2 trips to the NFR he held the honors of High Marked Bull of the NFR as well as making one trip to the PBR Finals in Las Vegas. Bo's Excuse was no stranger to the bright lights. He has been marked over 45 points 24 times with a high marking of 48 points. Being raised by Jim Anderson and hauled by Sammy Andrews, there was no question why they both chose to breed to this super star bucking bull.

Some of his stand out offspring would be bulls like PBR Finals bull J33 Sucker Punch, NFR bull 968 Spin Bo, PBR Finals 907 Fairy Tattoo that also had a LTE of over $45,000, NFR Bull J133 Monkey Punch, J115 Excuse This, 617 Bad to the Bone, 857 Hank, 908 Delinquent Habit, J123, 102 Zolis Zotar, and up and coming young bull that made his BFTS Debut as a 3 year old at PBR Thackerville, F41.

Bo's Excuse sons are producing just as well. Andrews 913 had two sons, V4 and V6 that both placed in the 2017 Limited Spring Fling ABBI Futurity. Andrews 617 has 2 registered sons is the sire to 020 Kinda Crooked that was on his way to the PBR Finals but was hindered by an injury.

At the end of the day, Bo's Excuse held his own in the arena being one of the best bulls going in his time and is coming on to the scene as a producing sire! The numbers don't lie!

If you are looking for a sire that will add the size and buck to your calves, don't hesitate to give Jim Anderson or Sammy Andrews a call! 

Page 48X

October 24, 2018

Owner: Nothin' But Try Ranch

ABBI# 10113663

Sire: 009 Showtime

Dam: Page D4-342

Original Breeder: D&H Cattle

Accomplishments: Hurt his back at his very first futurity competition

Page 48x is an own son of the super sire Showtime and a full sister to PBR Finals bull Bonafied. There was no question of his capabilities of being a great sire himself, someone just had to give him a chance. The Ellis family gave 48x the chance he needed. When his calves hit the ground, they did not disappoint at all. Bull 514 of Gary Long's hit the scene and has almost $100,000 to his name in competition earnings. Page 1618 is also a son of Page 48x. He was bought in a set of bull calves from the Ellis family and had an excellent showing as a calf. D&H Cattle purchased 1618 as a yearling on what the saw in him as a young calf. Both of these bulls are just a glimpse of what is to come from 48x as a sire. Chad Drury's oldest calves out of him are just yearlings and he says "They are the best set of calves I have ever raised!" With how well his sons are showing, Chad can not wait for his 48x heifers to grow up into cows and see what they produce!

Page 48x is still young in his producing years, but so far he has been outstanding. Get with Chad Drury and Nothin' But Try Ranch in you're wanting to add 48x genetics to your program!

60-3 Inferno

July 5, 2019

Owner: K Bar C Bucking Bulls

Sire: Crosswired (Crossfire Hurricane x 10-120)

Dam: U50 Cactus Flower (Surefire x Wildlife)

Original Breeder: D&H Cattle

Accomplishments: Six ABBI Futurity Event Wins LTE $191,935.84

Inferno might have been the greatest Futurity bull of his time. He started off his career with a second place finish at the Yearling Finals in Las Vegas. He had six American Bucking Bull, Inc. Futurity event wins.

The 2019 American Heritage was a record setting event. Seven bulls posted scores of 90 or better and it took an 89 to pull a check. Inferno was the only sire with three calves in the Top 20. Those calves include Red Fern of Hodges/Shuler, Kapt’n Krunch of Payson Parker/D&H Cattle Co. and 91E Patches of the same partnership. His two year old sons tallied up $34,660 at this year’s American Heritage! It is quite the feat to have three calves pull a check in such stout competition.

Inferno’s sire career is just beginning with multiple other sons winning money this year. Be on the look out for more Inferno sons as time goes on. They are showing to be pretty special!