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Rick Smith of Getty Up Productions created the iconic Bordertown Casino and Arena bucking bull competition events. Rick is working on a first class venue to hold bucking bull and horse events, barrel racing, and roping events.

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Spotlight stories on great breeding programs!

Dunnam Bull Company

June 30, 2017

Dunnam Bull Company located near Patillo, Texas was started in 2002 when Shane Dunnam bought a set of 5 heifers from Powder River Rodeo Company, whom he was fighting bulls for at the time. None of Powder River’s cows were registered , but these original 5 heifers were said to be sired by Page 6, Shorty x Mudslinger bull. Of these 5, Shane has one left, Dunnam 23. She has only had one bull, but all her daughters produce! Shane strongly believes in the maternal side of the equation. “Our best cow is probably 387, a Palm Springs daughter, that is the dam to -508 Rocky of Ronnie Chism's, a bull Wes Stout has as well as a full brother to Rocky that Brandon Stewart has.” Her bulls really seem to work.

As time goes on, Dunnam Bull Company purchased their first herd sire, 898 Kung Fu Warrior and had great luck with him. Actually, the best bull to leave the Dunnam Ranch, 406 Blood Money, was an 898 Warrior son with LTE of close to $30k. Blood Money was sold to Jerry and Aaron Halpain and he went on to win the 2017 ABBI Lifetime Derby. Although Kung Fu Warrior was great to Dunnam Bull Co, Shane says the best sire he’s used thus far is Dunnam 97 Something In The Water, a double bred Whitewater son. “All of his calves are big, they are pretty automatic, have all the kick you can ask for, and as a whole, they all buck. I guess you could call it production consistency.” As we continue to talk about sire power of the Dunnam Bull Company, the 2017 breeding season is no different. “We currently have 8040 Paradise City, the sire to World Champion Classic bull Wicked Stick on cows. We also have 051 Hurricane Moves, and 346 Controlled Chaos on cows as well.”

Thanks to Shane and Lara Dunnam for taking the time to interview with us for this week’s Breeding Program Spotlight!

Cross E Bucking Bulls

July 6, 2017

Cross E Bucking Bulls located in Comanche, Oklahoma is a big family operation including Craig & Kelly, Ryan & Tiffany, their 3 boys, Heath & Mandy, and their 2 girls. They wanted a hobby to do as a family, and what better to choose than the bucking bull business. They started out by going to none other than the Pages. The Ellis family attended the 2004 D&H Cattle female sale. They purchased four females from the sale to get started. Those cows were a great investment, being that three of those original four cows are still on the place today. Those three cows still on the place consist of two 36 Backlash daughters and a Larry the Cable Guy daughter. As we are talking about females, the Cross E Ranch is firm believers in cow power and what value they bring to the table on producing buckers. Ellis 4-203, the Larry the Cable Guy daughter, is the best cow on the ranch and her daughters hardly ever leave the place because they seem to be the ticket. Cow 4-203 is the dam to Check Out Time and 708 Rush hour, which won the 2010 American Heritage Derby and has Lifetime Earnings of over $40,000.

After the purchase of the four cows from the 2004 D&H Cattle cow sale, they needed a sire to breed to. Cross E's first choice was Page 46, a Washita Junior son. They didn't raise many calves out of him, but they still have one of his daughters out of the great 4-203 cow that has been pretty special. They changed sires a few times trying to find that super producer, when a very special bull came along, 602 Ricochet. He won the 2009 American Heritage Derby with a 91 point score and over $40,000 in prize money. The Ellis family knew they had something they wanted to breed to with him. They continued to haul Ricochet before they started breeding to him. When they started going through his calves, they saw the potential in his calves, but always seemed to get injured before they could showcase them at events. Ellis 1413, now owned by Love/Long proved what 602 Ricochet had as far as sire power. Cross E Bucking Bulls is currently breeding to 708 Rush Hour on their Ricochet and Page and 48x daughters and they have 602 Ricochet on their  heavy Page bred cows.

Cross E Bucking Bulls continue to strive to raise the best they can. They sell their bull calves as wenlings every year. "It makes us very happy to see our customers winning with bulls that come from us." D&H Cattle recently purchased a yearling bull, 1618, that we raised and sold to one of our customers! We hope to continue to be able to raise bulls that are able to compete and last in today's time!

Platinum Bull Company

July 12, 2017

Platinum Bull Company is operated by Justin Cox and Chase Love out of two locations including Erick, OK and Goldthwaite, TX. The Platinum duo have created a neat concept for the customers that purchase bulls from them.

They have over two hundred and twenty five (225) head of yearling bulls to for sale. These bulls consist of bulls of all levels and price ranges. If you don't want to purchase 100% of a calf, they offer partnerships as well as housing and training for bulls if you don't have a place to keep them. These calves have been bucked and tested at the house as well as yearling events already this year. If you have a hard time finding a bull READY to compete, look no further. Platinum has been cleaning house with wins at the ABBI Two Bulls Challenge this past April, Bringing The Heat Futurity, KJBA Benefit Futurity, and placing high at the 2017 American Heritage Yearling Futurity. Four to five of the top ten yearlings in the ABBI standings have came from the Platinum program. These bulls are ready to start making a return on your investment right now! Platinum Bull Company not only have bulls for sale that buck, but they also have the genetics to boot with calves coming from programs like D&H Cattle, Hargis, Cross E Bucking Bulls, Triple Threat Genetics, ect. Bulls with every bloodline available!

The events that the Platinum group are offering to their customers is second to none! They have created a 3D format which will give calves on all levels a chance to win big checks. The events will consist of a $500 entry fee with 100% payback. There will be an option for a $1500 "High Roller" side pot at these events. ONLY the calves purchased from Platinum Bull Company are eligible for these events. You can not nominate outside calves for this program, again, giving the customers a better chance to win big competing only against Platinum purchased calves. The very first event will be held in conjunction with the ABBI Two Bulls Yearling Challenge this September. Make sure to keep your calendars open September 30th for the BTCA Buckle Up For Vegas and Platinum Bull Sale event. They will be offering calves for sale in an auction format that weekend with the option to enter the calves you just bought in an incentive event that same weekend!

Platinum Bull Company is your one stop shop for bulls of all levels! If you want a bull that is proven to win, they have it! Just for the record, D&H Cattle have recently purchased a yearling from Platinum Bull Company. That is how good these calves are! Make sure to check out the Bucking Stock News YouTube channel for a video of some of the calves for sale. For purchasing info and more questions on the Platinum Bull Company program, contact:

Justin Cox 580.729.1391

Chase Love 325.451.0029

Mataska Cattle

July 23, 2017

 Ray and Becky Mataska of Petrolia, Texas are the owner operators of Mataska Cattle Company. They got in to raising bucking bulls before it was cool. They have been in the bull business since 1986. They bought their first set of females from Ronnie Roach of Cache, Oklahoma. Ronnie originally bought a set of females from the Charlie Plummer dispersal sale. All of the cattle on the Mataska Ranch go back to these original females purchased from Ronnie many years ago. When we talk about percentages, these original cows are second to none on producing finals bulls and daughters that produce.

Females are what make the bucking bulls which put breeders on the map. Mataska Cattle does not lack in female power! The original CP18 cow was owned by the Mataska's and she has four sons registered under offspring which ALL of them have impressive accolades. Lighting Jack was a futurity champion and sire to NFR bull and CBR Co-Bucking Bull of the Year. F84 Poison Ivy was a bucker back in the BRO days, and Brawl Boss with a 21 average on ProBullStats. Odie is another son of CP18 with ProBullStats that the Mataska family have bred with. 68 Haddie is another great cow on the ranch. She has really produced through her sons and daughters. She is the dam to Cowboy Cash, Boyfriend hauled by Trent West, and Eckroth 163 which has been siring some great up and coming calves. Haddie's daughters have been no exception such as Hebert 310, which is the dam to PBR Finals bull Delco and classic money earner Rocket Man owned by Chad Berger. Kitty Cat is another outstanding daughter of Haddie producing PBR Finals bull with multiple 90 point rides, Pearl Snap. Nosie Rosie might just be the best cow on the place. She is the dam to PBR Finals bulls 321 Mataska and 09-B California Dreaming. She is also the dam to Hebert 503 which was one of Bucking Stock News featured "Top Dams" a few weeks ago. This is just a small taste of the female power on the Mataska Ranch.

Mataska Cattle Company also has had some great sire power over the years. The very first bull they bred to was -33, a son of original Plummer bull -59. -33 was a hit for the Mataska's with his few daughters such as Kitty Kat and Sugar the dam to Rock On of Chad Berger's. Then came the super sire Automatic. Not only has he been a huge success for the Mataska's, he has been a common bull outside breeders flush to. Automatic is the sire to Finals bulls such as Semi-Automatic, Cochise, Mataska, Pearl Snap, California Dreaming, Flash, and Commotion with the majority of those outstanding bulls coming straight from the Mataska's. They are currently breeding to a son of Automatic, Blue Steel Automatic and two sons of the great producing 14 Chaos, Pokémon and Casper.

Mataska Cattle Company is no stranger to raising bulls that go on to be great bucking bulls that make a Finals more times than not. It was great getting the opportunity to speak with Becky and Ray on their program. If you are looking for some outstanding heifers that go back to some the great bulls and females featured in this story, don't hesitate to give them a call. You wont meet any nicer people in the bull business!

01 Cattle Company

August 13, 2017

01 Cattle Company located in St. Jo, Texas is owned and operated by JD Dunn accompanied with his wife Susan and son Daultyn. The 01 Cattle Company is a family affair as Daultyn even has some of his own cows. JD Dunn and 01 Cattle Company has quite the resume since starting in 2008. 01 has a program Lifetime Earnings in excess of over $800,000. At the rate they are going, they will be over a million in earnings in no time! Let's look a little deeper into the 01 Cattle Company Program!

In 2008 JD bought his first female in the ABBI Fabulous Female Sale, which got him the start in the bucking bull business. He started off by purchasing the great 415-199 cow, the dam to Coppertop. JD flushed this cow a few times, sold her and sold the embryos. With the money created off of the embryos he then purchased a few cows. The first one he bought was Page 400. She is the dam to 700 Penthouse, 901 Crazy Love, W4 Crazy Ways, Y1 Crazy Days, and Y2 Stone Cold Crazy. JD then bought four cows from Tom Teague and he was officially in the cow business. Also, in 2008 at the Spring Spectacular Sale, there was a cow that really caught his eye. She was a two year old heifer that ended up being the dam to Z3 Swamp Wreck. He went on to win over $80,000 in his career and JD is now breeding to him. As we can tell, right from the get go, JD bought some great cows which propelled him to the winners circle fast!

Once JD got rolling he hasn't slowed down yet. Some great bulls have came from 01 Cattle Company and they all go back to great cows. Over time he has put together five Crosswired daughters. These cows have been outstanding with the fact they have each only had 1 bull calf each. Those bulls include, classic money winner Y4 Wired Child, Y3, 2015 AH West Coast Futurity Champion 5A After Midnight, 010B Ain't Sober, and the really hot C7 The Cartel which is the number 1 bull in the ABBI Futurity Standings. JD said, "These Crosswired daughters have been outstanding for me. With the 5 I own, each has had one bull calf and they have all won money!" JD believes the very best bull he has raised is Y4 Wired Child. He is a Wild Child son out of a Crosswired daughter. "He's the biggest buckinest bull on the place and for that reason I'd have to say he's the best bull I've raised to date.

01 Cattle Company is currently breeding to some home raised champions including Y4 Wired Child, Z3 Swamp Wreck, and 5A After Midnight. The expectations of these calves are pretty high with JD being very confident in the production of his cows and what those bulls accomplished in their careers!

Everyone make sure to tune into Elite Breeder Sales on Tuesday night August 15 for the 01 Cattle Company Performance Bull Sale. On that sale you can see the very best competition bulls that JD has raised and most have already been money winners. 01 Cattle isn't holding anything back, offering the best they have!

Thanks to JD Dunn with 01 Cattle Company for giving the time to talk with Bucking Stock News and share the success of his program!

McGuire Cattle Company

October 7, 2018

McGuire Cattle Company is made up of the father and son duo of Paul and Clint McGuire. They are based out of Crockett, Texas but they have sent bulls across the country and to numerous finals. As most will say now a days, the production comes from the female and the McGuire's took that to a whole new level with their female power!

They bought their first set of females from two different individuals being Monty Samford of Flying S and Randy Schmutz of XS Ranch. Within their first purchases was MS20X who was the dam a bull Gary Long raised called Ranger's Pride. He went on to throw of PBR greats including Aaron Roy and Luke Snyder. Paul and Clint bought the dam to NFR and PBRF bull Ugly. According to Clint, she was a great addition and produced some great animals for their program.

When it comes to blue chip females, they believe the best cow within their program today is 465 Adele, who they co-own with Ace of Spades Ranch. She continues to produce competition money earners including A172 Pit Boss, 324 Knight Rider(LET $61,000), -405 Street Outlaw, who won the ABBI Derby competition in Gonzalez, TX, and -412 Magic Mike, who is an up and coming money winning classic bull. Her daughters produce as well! Adele is the maternal grand dam to PBRF bull Wolverine.

Everyone knows it takes a great bull crossed over great cows to create buckers. McGuire Cattle Company started out with some exceptional females, but they spared no expense purchasing H47 Spider Monkey as their first herd sire. There is a story going around that if they have a cow that was in question of producing buckers, they would breed her to Spider Monkey and if the calf didn't buck, the cow must be no good because all the calves buck out of H47 Spider Monkey. Maybe Bucking Stock News will clarify the truth in that, but it at least makes for a cool story! They are currently breeding to NFR bull and Showtime son 61W Fire Show, 05A Stone's Edge who is the sire to the 2018 ABBI American Heritage Champion, and U27 Big Time which is a Little Yellow Jacket Son out of the best cow in the business, 255-152.

With all the great bulls that have came off the McGuire place, Clint says 324 Knight Rider is the best bull they have raised thus far. He was the 2014 ABBI Lifetime Yearling Champion scoring 93 points and bring back over $50,000 to Crockett, Texas! They expect big things of him as a sire due to a career ending injury at a young age.

Bucking Stock News would like to thank Clint McGuire for taking the time to answer a few questions for this article. They have an outstanding program and it should be fun watching what their program continues to produce over the yeaers to come!

Lone Star Bucking Bull Genetics

July 5, 2019


Lone Star Bucking Bull Genetics

Bucking Bull Breeding programs are arising across the United States more and more every year. Some just have a love for the game and some are set out to raise the next world champion bucking bull. In today’s day and age, you can buy an ABBI registered bull or cow about anywhere you look. It is becoming easier to raise a world champion with the genetics available, but that also makes it that much harder. Lone Star Bucking Bull Genetics have raised many contenders!

Lone Star Bucking Bull Genetics is made up of a brotherly duo based out of East Texas. Cort and Chase Richards first decided to get in the Bucking Bull industry in 2005 by purchasing five cows from Jerry Brian. Of those original five cows, they still have two of them in their herd today! One of those original cows, Momma, is a top producer for the brotherly duo. She is the dam to 51 Red Man of JATT Bucking Bulls. Momma is also the dam to Sleeping Deacon of Championship Pro Rodeo. In fact, current PBR short rounder, 43X Short Pop, goes back to the Momma female. It wasn’t long after the purchase of the original five cows, Cort and Chase partnered with Ace of Spades Ranch on some flush cows. These flush cows helped propel them foundation of what their cow herd is today. The favorite females around the ranch would have to be LS17 and LS3. LS17 is the dam to the famous PBR superstar bull, Airtime. She originally came from Hayden Shaw and is a daughter of 36 Backlash. LS3 is the mom to NFR and PBR Finals bull 33 Livin Large and 43 Fist Full of Dollars.

The first sire that made a difference in the Lone Star breeding program was when they once again, partnered with Ace of Spades Ranch and other investors to purchase partial breeding rights to 36 Backlash. Cort and Chase felt like his females had been producing and the percentage of buckers he threw, it would be a very smart investment, and it was just that. Since then, Lone Star Bucking Bull Genetics have been able to team up with D&H Cattle on their three current herd sires! Those three sires consist of 133X High Tensile, 08 Margy Time, and Page 200Z. High Tensile is an 88 Best Shot son out of the great 201-170 female. His calves are closing in on a combined total of earnings near $500,000. Margy Time spent a lot of time on the truck being selected to the PBR Finals three times and the National Finals Rodeo once. His calves are on the rise and are showing they have what it takes to hang with the rest of the pack.

Below is a list of bulls that have came from Lone Star Bucking Bull Genetics!

•927 Airtime - 4x PBR Finals

•12 Crossfire - 4x PBR Finals / 2x NFR

•Little Jacob - LTE $50,000/NFR

•33 Livin Large - 2x PBR Finals / 1x NFR

•War Cloud - 2016 ABBI Futurity Finals Champion, 2017 ABBI Derby Finals Champion

•43 FistFullofDollars - LTE $75,000

•412 AJ - 2019 PBR Vinita High Marked Bull

•51 Red Man - LTE $100,000

625 Got it Handled - 2017 Elite Yearling Sale Champion