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112 Jungle Smoke - Pillow/Barrett

July 5, 2019

Sire: Jumping Jack Flash (Walls 637)

Dam: Willis 162 (Black Powder Skoal)

Original Breeder: Casey Willis

LTE: $108,395.65

Bobby Pillow and Brett Barrett were often found getting their picture taken with a big check, event after event in the 2011-12 era. The partnership had a couple year hot streak stashing away over a half a million dollars in bucking bull earnings. This was not by coincidence though. Bobby and Brett purchased hundreds of unbucked bull calves every year to try and find their next stinger. Even though it took hundreds, they always found that special one that could win.

Jungle Smoke was purchased in a set of calves from Casey Willis from North Texas. The Pillow & Barrett partnership bought twenty five head of calves for $10,000 total. When they first started bucking through them, Jungle Smoke was too small to buck. About six to eight months later they finally got to buck him. Brett said, “He bucked like hell but wouldn’t spin.” They continued to buck him and Brett had finally decided if he wasn’t going to spin, he needed to be put on the sale barn list. Bobby had talked Brett in to Bucking Jungle Smoke one last time at the house. They did, and Smoke hung his horn in the gate leaving the bucking chute and turned back right there and bucked. Bobby and Brett were both shocked and decided to enter him at Mike White’s event in Lake Charles in 2011. Jungle Smoke was marked 23.75 points to pick up his first event win. He then went on to place at Claremore, Oklahoma and a couple other events. When the 2011 American Bucking Bull, Inc. Finals rolled around, the duo felt like Jungle Smoke was ready. He bested the field that day with a score of 21.5 in Las Vegas to be crowned the 2011 World Champion Futurity Bull. That very trip was good enough to take a home a check for $100,000!

Bobby Pillow bred to Jungle Smoke and he had a son win second at the 2015 American Heritage Futurity.